When Italian designer Giulio Zecchini saw jade, it was love at first sight. Gravitating between Rome, London and Hong Kong, after working for various design brands, Zecchini chose to follow his passion for jade due to its symbolism and its beauty. He immersed himself in the study of this stone, looking into its properties and the ancient beliefs that accompany the treasured stone. Known in ancient China as the “Stone of Heaven”, jade is believed to protect the spirit from the negative elements.

Entirely made in Italy, gioielli SENZANOME only uses Type A Natural Color Fei Cui (Jadeite-Jade) from Burma and 18 K gold. Now, one may witness that when this precious stone is crafted with Italian hands, SENZANOME brings the ancient Eastern jewel in harmony with the passion of Italian design.

Jade Coins

SENZANOME jewels are designed and hand-crafted in Italy using certified Type A Natural Jadeite from Burma and 18K gold. Every single piece of Jade is handpicked from the raw stone and carefully carved following their natural design. Every jewel of SENZANOME collections is unique and produced in limited edition: Jade’s colours, transparencies and textures change considerably from one piece to another and each stone shape is one-of-a-kind. 

Each SENZANOME piece is inset with a mobile ring of 18-carat gold, symbolizing the eternal dance of the contrary forces of a concept in Chinese culture — Yin and Yang.

Special Dragon Collection

Italian brand SENZANOME celebrates the Year of the Dragon with a new Burmese jadeite pendant with a dragon motif.

The brand’s creative director Giulio Zecchini has spent six months working with his craftsmen in Tuscany to create the piece. Infusing Western contemporary chic and high-precision manufacturing process to the Asian gem, the pendant features Type A Burmese jadeite with a dragon pattern gilded in 18-karat gold.

Using certified Type A jade, each SENZANOME Jade Dragon is assigned a serial number engraved in gold.