Founded as the distribution division of the Vabella, SINOGO Limited today is the groups Asian distribution and import/export arm. We provide a wide array of services for SMEs and MNCs in Asia.

Export Trading

The SinoGo export division is a production house having developed products with audited and certified Chinese factories for over one decade. Working clo... more

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SinoGo Limited
1F, 28 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, HONG KONG


The SinoGo distribution division has over 20 years of Asia Trade experience and a strong network in distribution ranging from consumer lifestyle, FMCG to consumable products throughout the region. The long experience and network of SinoGo allows a fast... more


Industrial Products that SinoGo distributes exclusively in the region include Security Bags (Debatin), Security Retail (Pataco), Travel Accessories (Pop-brush), to name a few.